VACCINE, REACTIONS … Some cases of adverse reactions; BharatBiotech issues advisory as to who should not take the jab


NEW DELHI: With reports about side-effects in rarest of the rare cases emerging, vaccine manufacturer Bharat Biotech has issued an advisory suggesting that certain vulnerable people avoid taking the vaccine.

The company said on Tuesday through a posting on its web site that those suffering from allergies, fever or bleeding disorder should consult a doctor before going for the jab. Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers too may avoid taking the jab.

The death of a ward boy in Uttar Pradesh after he was inoculated led to a scare but the hospital clarified that it had nothing to to with the jab. As many as 3,81,000 beneficiaries have so far been vaccinated, and nearly 600 persons have reported adverse effects, of a minor nature, officials said on Tuesday. 

Officials said that of the 1,48,266 beneficiaries who were administered the vaccine on Monday, 8,656 were from Bihar, 1,822 from Assam, 36,888 from Karnataka, 7,070 from Kerala, 6,665 from Madhya Pradesh, 7,628 from Tamil Nadu, 10,352 from Telangana, 11,588 from West Bengal, and 311 were from Delhi.

The BharatBiotech advisory said those who have taken an injection with vaccine supplied by another firm should avoid taking Covishied for the second and last shot. They may go for the same vaccine they have used for the first time.

“Individuals who are prioritised under the public health program of the ministry of health and family welfare, will be covered under this endeavour. Informing the individuals about the offer for a vaccination with Covaxin will rest with the respective government program officials. Those offered Covaxin at pre-specified booths will have the options to receive or reject administration of the vaccine,” the advisory added. 

STATEMENT FROM DR HARSH VARDHAN:“2020 was a year of science. A year in which the wisdom and evidence of science was judiciously adopted to face an unprecedented challenge. I shared my views on the pandemic and the way ahead at the Opening Session of the 148th Session of WHO Executive Board, held via VC, today.It is remarkable how our researchers and scientists characterized a novel illness, sequenced a new virus’s genome, developed diagnostics, produced treatment protocols, and established the efficacy of drugs and vaccines against it, all in less than 12 months.Going forward I believe 2021 shall be the year of global solidarity and survival. I am confident that it will be the harbinger of a decade of collaborative action which will lead to the dawn of a new era.With the recent breakthroughs on COVID-19 vaccines, there is a renewed sense of optimism around the world. It is now of utmost importance to ensure fair and equitable access to the vaccines. World Health Organization and all its staff and members have played a crucial in catalyzing and coordinating the global response to control and contain the spread of COVID-19. I greatly appreciate Director-General and the Regional Directors of WHO for deciding to award the 2020 DG’s Award for Excellence to all members of the WHO work-force.It is indeed a very thoughtful decision and, for the exceptional contributions made by all WHO staff in supporting the pandemic response a well-deserved achievement.But it is now time to improve the functioning and efficiency of the organisation.The pandemic has placed ‘Health’ at the centre of the global agenda. It is an opportune time to overcome various shortcomings and build resilient healthcare systems.I urged all members to pledge their commitment to the decade of action to deliver sustainable, equitable development for all.Today, all Governments must rise to the challenge only then faster growth and higher living standards will be within their reach. The 2020s began with a cry of pain but, with the right policies, the decade could end with a roar.” –IHN-NN


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