FARMERS … Supreme Court puts spoke into government wheel; suspends farm reform laws; forms panel for parleys


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday put a spoke into the farm reforms wheel by ordering a stay on implementation of the three laws the Modi government has passed in Parliament. This is in response to petitions from farmers and others seeking repeal of the three bills and the massive farmer protests in Punjab and Haryana.  

“We are staying the three farm laws temporarily,” stated Chief Justice Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde. The court said it would form a panel of agriculture expects to hold negotiations with the farmers and end the present crisis.  

The eight rounds of talks the government held with farmer representatives failed to end the protests and blockade of highway to the national capital by agitating farmers. The Supreme Court said it has powers to “suspend law.” The court said the life and property are in danger due to the present agitation.  

The government rejected the charge that the laws were hurriedly made by the government and passed by Parliament. The bill will not be withdrawn on the basis of farmer protests, the government side told the court. IHN-NN 


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