RAJINIKANTH .. Actor says he will not enter politics; predicts miracle in TN assembly polls


CHENNAI: Superstar Rajinikanth announced on Tuesday that he will not be entering politics. The 70-year-old star stated this following his brief hospitalization in Hyderabad this weekend, after he showed signs of exhaustion and fluctuations in blood pressure. He said his sudden illness has come a god’s warning to him against entering politics.

Also, the season of Covid-19 was not the right time for him to enter active public life, he stressed,

“With extreme sadness, I say that I can’t enter politics. I alone know the pain I went through while announcing this decision,” he said via a Twitter message to his fans. The actor said he knew well that this decision would disappoint his fans and other well-wishers, and urged them to forgive him. “I will serve the people without entering electoral politics,” he said, and said the coming assembly polls in Tamil Nadu will witness a miracle.

The actor had consulted his Rajini Makkal Mandram before announcing his decision to cancel plans to form a political party.

Rajinikanth spent the last week in Hyderabad attending to the shooting of his latest film. He was to launch a political party in Tamil Nadu in January, in the run-up to the May assembly polls. He had said he would introduce a kind of spiritual and secular politics sans barriers of caste and religion. –IHN-NN


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