COVID INDIA … Dry run for vaccine distribution, storage begins in 4 states


NEW DELHI: The dry run for Covid-19 vaccination, a rehearsal, started on Monday ahead of the nation’s pandemic vaccination drive, in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat and Punjab. This is to test the efficacy of the system put in place by the central government in association with state governments for storage and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines that are set for approval, supply and jabs from early next year. 

Over one crore people were affected by the virus since March last in this country and the infection rate remains high. Over 20,000 persons were reported Covid-hit in the daily list released by the Union Home Ministry on Sunday. The list also carried a list of 279 deaths in the latest daily tally for the nation. 

Over 1.47lakh people died of the virus in India so far. Capital Delhi keeps reporting infection cases of the order of about 1,000 a day while states like Kerala reported around 5,000 infections a day. 

Around the world, some five Covid-19 vaccines are ready for distribution and jabs and more are on the way. 

In India, the Serum Institute of India in Pune and the BharatBiotech in Hyderabad are the main manufacturers of the Covid-19 vaccine. An Ahmedabad-based firm is also in the run. INH=NN


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