VACCINE … Serum Institute ready to supply vaccine to govt at Rs 250 per dose; priority to India


NEW DELHI: World’s largest producer of Covid-19 vaccine, the Serum Institute of India,  is signing a supply contract with the the Union Government for supply of the vaccine at a fixed price of Rs250 rupees per dose; meaning Rs 500 for two jabs required for each individual. It was the Serum Institute that placed the first application for emergency approval for release of the vaccine vaccine, AstraZeneca.

So far, India has reported 7.5millon Covid Positive cases, and the number is steadily on the rise.

Meanwhile, Indian pharma firms are taking this as a big opportunity to act as world leaders in the supply of the Covid vaccine, needed in large quantity by almost all nations to keep the pandemic under check. With this end in view, the external affairs ministry is organising a visit of dilopmats from Delhi to three major pharma firms that PM Modi had visited a week ago – in Ahmedabad, Pune and Hyderabad.

Pharmaceuticals sector is by far the only production firms from India that have over the years acquired a big name in global business. This, apart from the IT sector. All other businesses in India are performing from bad to worse in the past two decades. Large-scale corruption by politicos and bureaucrats in grant of licence and the protection money they keep taking regularly are a big strain on industrialists and businessmen in the matter of starting or promoting new units.

Years ago, a prominent industrialist had called Congress leader and then Union Urban Development Minister Kamalnath the “percent” man, at a public forum as this politician – having a tainted image already then – allegedly demanded ten per cent of the project cost for grant of clearance to new units in urban areas. Kamalnath went on to become the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for a few years before the BJP pulled down the government. The new CM, Shivrajsingh Chouhan, after taking over the post, said Kamalnath drained the exchequer clean. 

Corruption has largely reduced under the Modi-led dispensation at the political level, but bureaucratic corruption remains as a big menace in national life and industrial progress. This is helping China dump products in Indian market, and at cheaper rates also as there less corruption in the red nation, and focused attention from top levels for fast-paced economic growth. 

Technical, scientific and research sectors are fields where politicians and bureaucrats have less of a reach; reason why the IT sector and the Pharma sector has registered faster pace of growth and established a good name at the global level too. IHN-NN


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