CENTRAL VISTA… PM to lay foundation stone for new Parliament Building on December 10, Thursday, says Om Birla

Image credit .. 10TV


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay foundation stone for the new Parliament Building here on December 10, conceived as part of the ambitious Central Vista project. Announcing this here on Saturday, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla said the PM will also perform the Bhoomi Poojan ceremony at the spot the same time.

The construction of the Parliament Building will start in December itself and complete by October, 2022, to coincide with 75th anniversary of India’s Independence from the British Raj. The new Parliament building will have a built-up area of 60,000 square metres. The Lok Sabha chamber will have a seating capacity for 888 members. The Rajya Sabha will have 384 seats. There is also a provision for accommodating 1224 members for joint sittings.

A new Parliament building has been envisaged by the Modi government as the present structure will not be able to accommodate a larger number of MPs in future. A constituency delimitation exercise for the Lok Sabha is currently on, which will see the strength of the lower house of Parliament rising substantially.

The Central Vista project also involves a residential bungalow for Prime Minister and another for Vice President. All these will be in the vicinity of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the imposing British era complex for the President of the Nation. The Ahmedabad-based HCP Design, Planning and Construction firm will do the construction work based on project details planned by the Tata group and approved by the government with modifications.

The estimated cost of the project is nearly 900crore. IHN-NN

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