BJP MINISTER AT IT … Actress Vidya Balan who refused to dine out with MP Minister Vijay Shah faces his wrath; film shooting stopped in Balaghat forest area


BHOPAL: The shooting for film Sherni has been cancelled at a location in Madhya Pradesh after actress Vidya Balan spurned an offer for dinner from state forest minister Vijay Shah, reports said on Monday. The shooting was going on in Balaghat, when the shooting team was asked abruptly to stop the shoot.

The team was stranded in the middle of the forest after the minister cancelled the permission, the report said.

Minister Shah however came up with a different version. He said it was the shooting team which made the offer for dinner to him, and he excused himself by saying he would meet the actress when he goes to Maharashtra the next time. The minister’s explanation is seen as an attempt to escape from the embarrassment over the matter spreading through the media.

Vijay Shah has been minister in Madhya Pradesh for repeated terms in BJP governments since 2004, starting with the Uma Bharti-led BJP ministry. He entered politics through student movement in Indore and claims to be a farmer by profession. Vijay Shah is known for his abrasive behavior. In 2013, he had been sacked from the Shivraj Singh Chouhan ministry after he made a loaded comment to the CM’s wife, asking her out for fun.

The Opposition Congress party took serious objection to the minister’s action against actress Vidya Balan and the shooting team. The party has sought action against the minister. The matter has reached Chief Minister Shivrajsigh Chouhan’s table, but he remains mum, official sources said. –IHN-NN


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