BIHAR RESULTS … NDA and Grand Alliance neck and neck as counting progresses in Bihar polls


UPDATE 0940: Mahagatbandhan in the lead, but NDA is edging closer to it as counting progressed… RJD-Congress leading in 105 seats, BJP-JDU in 96 seats….

UPDATE 0930 HRS.. DEEP UPSET FOR CM NITISH… Trails in most seats JDU contested… Luv Sinha trails in Bankipura… Papu Yadav trails in Madhepura… JDU fails NDA; BJP doing better, emerging as the second best performer in polls after RJD… BJP almost neck-and-neck with the RJD, but NDA suffers due to the poor showing of JDU of Nitish Kumar… 

PDATE 0850 HOURS: Steady lead for the Mahagatbandhan — RJD seems sweeping the polls; Congress does well; Left also gaining; JDU of chief minister Nitish Kumar and the BJP look set for major upsets in the electoral sweepstakes …trends on lines hinted by opinion polls in final rounds… RJD doing extremely well … 

UPDATE: 0840 hours: Mahagatbandhan leading in over 90 constituencies and the NDA in over 30 constituencies. (RJD 80 plus, Congress over 20 seats, JDU 25, Congress 17, BJP 30, Left five seats, LJP two seats)

UPDATE: 0830 hours: BJP leading in over 40 constituencies, Congress in 10, the BJP in 12, JDU in 8 constituencies…

PATNA: The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Congress took early lead in several constituencies across Bihar as counting of polls started at 8am on Tuesday. While postal votes were taken up for counting RJD and Congress led in nearly 30 of the 50 constituencies from where trends came in, while the LJP in two constituencies, and the BJP-JDU combine led in 15 constituencies. IHN-NN


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