BIHAR RESULTS … NDA takes upper hand in Bihar assembly poll as vote counting progresses, but Nitish takes a big hit


LATEST: 01.00PM: NDA keeps up its lead; leading in some 130 constituencies with BJP leading in largest number of seats; NDA leading in over 100 seats, with RJD being in the front, Left parties doing well and Congress leading in lesser number of seats than the Left…ONLY 20 per cent of the votes counted by 1 pm. Tight fight in 50 seats…Around …. BJP 75 JDU 50 LJP 2; RJD 65; Congress 20; Left 18; others 9. TOTAL SEATS 243….


PATNA: With the NDA taking the upper hand in the Bihar polls as per trends midway through the counting, what is clear as of now is that Nitish Kumar’s hopes to remain as chief minister for more years might — might– be dashed. He now has no moral right to claim the CM post, but power-hungry that he is, he might insist on getting the top post again. 

BJP does much better and is set to win a larger share of seats than the JDU, though both fought the polls in about 120 seats each. BJP is now leading in some 75 seats and the JDU in about 50.The NDA leads in about 125 constituencies, a majority of the 243 assembly seats, while the Mahagatbandhan is leading in about 100 constituencies. RJD leads in about 70 constituencies, while the Congress in 20 and the Left in over 10 seats.

With BJP taking the upper hand, and if the NDA musters enough numbers for forming the next government, the CM will be one or other BJP leader. LJP, which contested alone but remains in the NDA, leading in nearly 10 constituencies; meaning, It now looks like the NDA has a better chance of coming to power this time. Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, a Brahmin, is likely to be the choice of the BJP and the RSS for the CM post if the lot falls on the NDA ….

Bihar, a state ruled by powerful Brahmins as CM in the long past, has not had a Brahmin as CM for the past 30 years– a period split between Lalu Prasad family and Nitish Kumar for equal 15 years each…. Entire North does not have a Brahmin as CM; and Maharashtra polls a year ago saw Devendra Fadnavis, a Brahmin, losing power. Significantly, Fadnavis is the BJP’s election manager for Bihar this time.

Clearly, the BJP strategy of using the LJP to ditch Nitish Kumar helped. LJP which put up candidates in all the constituencies JDU contested ate into JDU prospects. –IHN-NN


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