INDIA CHINA … India likely to wait till US prez polls before taking a decision on China’s Ladakh game


NEW DELHI: While India is advised by the US secretary of state Michael Pompeo to be firm with China vis-à-vis the red nation’s territorial ambition plans in Ladakh region and the LAC as a whole, India is not inclined to act in haste. It is pinning some hopes on a negotiated settlement of the issues in the Ladakh region, and is ready to take more time before it reassessed its strategy.

Two major happenings that will have a bearing on China’s relations with India and vice versa are of special significance. One is the US presidential elections in the first week of November, when it will be known who will rule America for the next four years from 2021 January. 

It could be incumbent Donald Trump or Democrats’ nominee Joe Biden. Trump is seen as more tough with China, and Biden is yet to have a chance to firm up a stand on China. Both had accused each other of having business ties with China via their family interests.

Another important development is the four-day session of the 19th Communist Party of China plenary, in which over 370 top leaders strategized this week on the course the party and its government should take in the next five years. After this, Xi will have more clarity as to how he should handle the border issues with India. IHN-NN


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