BIHAR … Opinion polls again say NDA will return to power in Bihar; Nitish is top favourite for CM post yet again


PATNA: More Opinion Polls in Bihar in the run-up to the assembly polls are projecting a scenario of the BJP-JDU alliance returning to power. The BJP-NDA alliance has a wider mass appeal cutting across castes and communities while the RJD, which is closely identified with the Yadavs, is seen with suspicion. 

The Congress is in a tie-up with the RJD, the regional party that has the new generation leader Tejaswi Yadav of the Lalu Prasad stock leading it from the front this time.

The ABP-CVoter survey released on Saturday said the NDA will get 135 to 159 seats in the 243-member state assembly. The Mahagadhbandhan, or the Grand Alliance of the RJD-Congress could get 77 to 98 seats. The Lok Janshakti Party of deceased Ram Vilas Paswan, with a pro-Dalit base and led by his son Bollywood actor-turned politician Chirag Paswan could get one to five seats, as per the survey. 

The BJP could get the largest share of seats, 73 to 81 seats, against upto 67 seats. The RJD can get upto 64 seats while the Congress upto 20 seats. The Left, part of the grand alliance, may get 9 to 14 seats, the survey said.

Maximum support for CM post went to Nitish Kumar, while the second largest support was for Tejaswi and the third largest support for Chirag. The survey also projected that the NDA could get 43 per cent of the votes while the Mahagadhbandhan may get 35 per cent of the votes.


A TimesNow-CVoter survey meanwhile released its findings, saying the NDA could get 147 seats while the Congress-RJD alliance 87 seats and others including the LJP nine seats. It said the results of 57 seats will be unpredictable. This survey also said Nitish Kumar is the top CM-pick of those who participated in the survey.


Taking a cue from the joblessness scenario in Bihar, the RJD of Lalu Prasad Yadav and son Tejaswi has promised 10 lakh jobs if elected to power in the present assembly polls. It also promised equal pay for equal work. Releasing the manifesto, Tejaswi said the part aimed to create a New Bihar, with focus on development, women empowerment, support to rural areas etc. IHN-NN

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