COVID WORLD .. Asia, Latin America worst-hit regions on Covid world map, says new survey


NEW DELHI: Asia surpassed a crore of coronavirus infections on Saturday, making this the second-heaviest regional toll in the world, and the cases continue to mount in India despite a slowdown and sharp declines elsewhere, a Reuters report said on Saturday. Some 1,17,000 deaths have been reported from Covid ailment in India since March last; and over 700 C-deaths are reported a day. Over 6,000 of these deaths were in capital New Delhi.

Behind only Latin America, Asia accounts for about one-fourth of the global caseload of 42.1 million of the virus. With over 163,000 deaths, the region accounts for some 14% of the global Covid-19 toll. In the US, daily Covid infections now are of the order of 65,000; daily hospitalizations there are of 41,000 and deaths per day of around 800. The US so far has reported over eight million cases and deaths of 2,24,000. Infection numbers are rising across the US, with main worry put at Mid=West and North-East

ASIA: Despite the Asian spikes, the region overall has reported improvement in handling the pandemic in recent weeks, with daily caseloads slowing in places like India – a sharp contrast to the Covid-19 resurgence seen in Europe and North America. Within the region, South Asia led by India is the worst affected, with nearly 21% of the reported global coronavirus cases and 12% of deaths. 

This contrasts with countries like China and New Zealand that have crushed infections and Japan, where COVID-19 had been stubbornly entrenched but not accelerating, Reuters report said.

It noted that India is the worst-hit country in the world after the United States, although infections are slowing here. India is reporting more than 57,000 cases of the virus a day, viewed on a weekly average, with 58 new cases per 10,000 people in Asia’s third-largest economy, Reuters noted. –IHN-NN


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