FATF .. Snub again to Pakistan; curbs will not be lifted for four more months, says three-day meet


NEW DELHI: In a fresh snub to Pakistan, the Financial Action Task Force on Friday ruled against lifting the curbs on Pakistan and said it will stay on the “grey list” of the global terror financing watchdog till February next. It noted that Pakistan failed to meet the conditions and hence it will not be granted unfettered access to international funds.

The FATF said Pakistan failed to meet six of the 27 conditions it had asked the Islamic nation to fulfill. Pakistan, it said, “needs to do more” vis a vis controlling the activities of terrorist groups based out of its soil. 

The reference is to the several fundamentalist and terrorist groups operating from Pakistani soil against India in relation to the Kashmiri cause, and against the West, principally the US. It is widely known that the Pakistani military intelligence, run by the army brass there, is directly and indirectly helping several of these groups with money, training and logistics support.

Notably, Bin Laden of the Al Qaeda who masterminded the 9-11 terror attacks on World Trade Towers and other installations, had been given sanctuary by the Pakistani military close in Abbottabad, to its Rawalpindi headquarters, for years until the Obama administration sent its secret force by air to Abbottabad and stormed his hide-out and killing the top terrorist in May, 2011. Pakistani government kept quiet about Bin Laden’s presence in the country.

At FATF, Pakistan is ably backed by China, but it requires more support and do more. Two other nations are also backing it, namely Turkey and Malaysia, both Muslim nations. Pakistan requires support from 12 entities out of 39 at the FATF to exit from the grey list, despite the strong support it gets from China.

earlier that it expects Pakistan to stay on the grey list with the country demonstrably failing to act against organisations that act as fronts for terrorist outfits and some of the world’s most wanted terrorists like Maulana Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed.

Pakistan had also failed to effectively crackdown on means of financing terror activities and money laundering and four nominating countries USA, UK, France and Germany were not fully satisfied with its role in Afghanistan, sources had said.

With Pakistan remaining in the grey list, it has become increasingly difficult for it to get financial aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the European Union, exacerbating problems for the cash-strapped country.

This week’s three-day FATF meeting was originally scheduled in June, but had been postponed in view of the Covid-linked curbs on travel etc. –IHN-NN

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