CONGRESS: Sonia Gandhi blames Modi govt for farm law, Covid spread and economic downturn


NEW DELHI: Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Sunday lambasted the Narendra Modi-led NDA government at the Centre, saying it played with the life of farmers through the farm legislation, and hurt the Dalits as in incidents like Hathras in Uttar Pradesh.

The nation, she said, is passing through its most difficult phase, and also pointed to the serious economic downturn and the massive spread of the Covid-19. Presiding over a meeting of the newly appointed party functionaries, including general secretaries and PCC chiefs via virtual meet, she laid out an action programme for party units, including nation-wide protests against the wrong style of governance of the Modi government and the BJP governments in various states.  

She said the economy, painstakingly built by successive Congress governments, was now being demolished the BJP-led government. “Such is the mess that the government is not able to honour its commitment to the states vis-à-vis GST allotment,” she said.

She said the Modi government was a mute spectator to the miseries of the people due to the “biggest, unplanned and unmanaged and cruel migration of people.”  By blaming the Modi government for the migrations, she effectively washed her party’s hands of the huge national issue that has been going on for many years due to the failure of the successive central governments to ensure equitable progress to all regions of the country.

She said atrocities against Dalits in the country have reached its zenith under the Modi government. IHN-NN


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