COVID .. Seven million infections in India; 37 million worldwide; more than a million deaths so far


NEW DELHI: Covid-19 is on a merry-go-round in India despite the massive restrictions imposed on social life in the last seven months of lockdowns. There are more than seven million infections so far, though fact is also that over six million of these have recovered from the virus-hit. Union health ministry sounded a note of high caution, saying a million of such cases got added in a matter of less than a fortnight. 

The rise in death toll is also a concern. As many as 1,07,000 people died due to Covid infection since March. By this weekend, there were 7,051,165 infections and 108,374 deaths. A total of 6,074,500 people had recovered from the disease, as per official data released by the health ministry.

Nearly half of the total infections were reported from four states, namely Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi.


The total number Covid-19 cases worldwide crossed 37 million, while more than a million have died of the pandemic so far. One in 10 people worldwide may have been infected from Covid-19. The US still remains the worst-hit, Europe reported more than 1,09,000 cases Saturday.

Over 7.6 million people in the US have been infected, including President Donald Trump. Among the worst affected regions of the US is the Midwestern side where weather is the coldest. The US reported the most cases and deaths, which now totaled 7,689,400 and 214,009, respectively. Brazil followed India with 5,055,888 cases, reporting the world’s second largest death toll of 149,639.

Reports said the US is witnessing a surge in new cases. According to the CSSE, a total of 57,420 new cases were confirmed nationwide on Friday. IHN-NN


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