MISSILE .. India successfully test-fires Rudram anti-radiation missile from eastern sector; new might in air


NEW DELHI: In a new feat, India on Friday successfully test-fired the locally built Rudram Anti-Radiation Missile from a Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft. The firing took place from a location off the east coast. Developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the missile would more of air superiority and tactical capability for the Indian Air Force (IAF). 

The missile is capable of destroying enemy surveillance radars as also communication systems of enemy nations in the vicinity.

“This new-generation anti-radiation missile (NGARM) with a strike range of around 100 to 150km is the first indigenous air-to-ground missile developed by the DRDO. Previously, it had introduced the supersonic BrahMos that was developed jointly with Russians.

India has a hostile security environment, with Pakistan frequently in a mood of confrontation on the western side, and China becoming aggressive in the Ladakh region along the northern region. Both China and Pakistan are all-weather friends, targeting India somewhat in tandem. The northern border, known as Line of Actual Control, is tense after the Chinese PLA killed 20 Indian soldiers in an unconventional warfare in June last.

This was followed by an Indian offensive in the same locality, wherein over 40 Chinese PLA soldiers were done to death in a similar fashion. Troop build-up is continuing on both sides of the border, though high-level discussions to ease the border tension are under way, too, at the diplomatic and military levels.

The Indian military is well-prepared to face a simultaneous offensive from China and Pakistan, should such a situation arose in the near future. IHN-NN

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