COVID INDIA .. India scales new high in Covid spread; fatalities cross one-lakh mark


NEW DELHI: India scaled a new high in coronavirus deaths, on Saturday, with the total number of fatalities crossing the one-lakh mark. The daily death toll crossed the 1,000 mark as well, across states, with the number close to 1,500 as per official recordings. India is the world’s second worst-hit nation in Covid spread, next only to that of the United States.

On the positive side, most of the infected have recovered; some 55 lakh so far, against a total infection tally of nearly 65 lakh. The daily tally of infections is of around 80,000.

The Chinese inspired Covid-19 pandemic hit India in the month of February or so, and the nation got stuck in a shutdown of entire activities for a few weeks, followed by iterations of lockdowns, and followed thereafter by relaxations in phases of such curbs on public life.

India held on to some controls in tackling the virus spread, but a Congress-CPIM-led outcry for mass transportation of migrant labour from their workstations in principal metros like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc turned the scenario for the worse. 

Millions of migrant workers were provided train transport by the Modi government, bending to pressure from the Congress and the communist parties, resulting the spread of virus  to the eastern region as well. Much of the eastern region, from where large numbers of people work as migrant labour in Mumbai, Ahmedabad etc, were unaffected by the virus spread in the beginning. Now, these states are also battling the virus spread after the return home of the migrants.

The covid spread graph is rising phenomenally in the past fortnight, when some 50 lakh of the present one lakh were infected.

What gives India some respite is that the recovery rate is impressive and improving by the day. Some 76,000 persons recovered from the disease yesterday, against a fresh daily infection tally of nearly 80,000 per day. The recovery rate is close to 84 per cent, health ministry officials said.

Some 10 states and Union Territories have been clubbed into the worst-case list, which is topped from the start till now by Maharashtra, followed since recently by Karnataka. The covid tally in Maharashtra, with its sprawling metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune, is the highest statewise at 2,50,000 cases while Karnataka with its urban concentration of Bengaluru registering a total of one lakh cases so far.

Some 14 states and Union Territories are breathing easy, as they have less than 5,000 covid infection cases in the past seven months. Kerala which withstood the covid assault for months is now turning for the worse, with a daily infection tally of around 8,000 – against 10,000 by Karnataka. In Kerala, the covid=linked deaths so fare remain low, at around 700 in total. Karnataka’s daily death toll is of 130, Kerala’s in the range of 20, and Maharashtra’s of about 400 per day.


On the Vaccine front, India is making some progress. The Hyderabad-based Dr Reddy’s Laboratories has applied for government permission to conduct the phase three human clinical trials of the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V. It is collaborating with the Russians to conduct the trials as also do the distribution. The Russian agency plans to supply 10 crore doses of the vaccine to Dr Reddy’s, which is one of the world’s top-most drug manufacturing firm. –IHN-NN


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