KOLKATA .. Mamata imposes flight ban at Kolkata airport from major metros; Covid tally in state sees sharp rise


KOLKATA: Faced with a sharp rise in Covid cases in the eastern metropolis, the West Bengal government on Thursday extended its ban on flights from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, as also from Ahmedabad, Pune and Nagpur for 15 more days until August 15. 

An initial ban on flights by the state government was in force from July 6 to July 31; this, after the Centre relaxed flight regulations since June.

The state also extended its biweekly lockdown till mid August; meaning there will be complete shutdown of the state for two days every week. Flight operations at Kolkata airport will remain suspended on August 5th, 8th,16th,17th, 23rd, 24th and 31st, the state government announced on Thursday.

The state saw the worst spike in Covid-19 tally on Thursday. Some 2,500 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in a matter of a day, ringing alarm bells in the government circles. The total number of coronavirus cases in the state rose to 67,700 and deaths to 1,536.

Across India, nearly 16 lakh persons have been tested positive for Covid so far, and covid-linked deaths are of about 35,000. The daily toll is of the order of 775 deaths now. IHN-NN


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