SALARY … Highest paid banker Aditya Puri of HDFC earns crores and crores as salary, perks


MUMBAI: HDFC Bank Managing Director Aditya Puri is described as the highest-paid banker among the top lenders for the  financial year 2019-20. He had a 38 per cent jump in salary and perquisites, to reach the level of Rs 18.92crore – meaning, over 1.5crore a month. This, however, was only a part of his total earnings.

Puri, who built the bank into the largest by assets in the private sector and also the most valued one by investors over the last 25 years, earned an additional Rs 161.56crore by exercising stock options during the year, the bank’s annual report sad.

The banker, who is set to retire in October this year, on attaining the age 70, had earned Rs 42.20crore by exercising stock options in 2018-19. Its group head and “change agent” Sashidhar Jagdishan, who is reported to be among the selected candidates to succeed Puri, earned a salary of Rs 2.91crore in FY20, as per the annual report. 

The second largest private sector lender ICICI Bank’s managing director and chief executive Sandeep Bakhshi’s gross earnings stood at Rs 6.31crore in his first full year as the head of the lender, the bank’s annual report said. Bakhshi, who took over in October 2018, had earned Rs 4.90crore in FY19 as a part-year’s payment, as per the lender’s annual report.

Axis Bank’s managing director and chief executive Amitabh Chaudhry was paid Rs 6.01crore for FY20 as against Rs 1.27crore for the last three months of FY19, as per its annual reports. The third largest private sector lender’s head of retail, Pralay Mondal, who resigned recently citing unspecified compulsions, earned a remuneration of Rs 1.83crore in FY20.

The former HDFC Bank and Yes Bank executive is headed to join south-based CSB Bank. Kotak Mahindra Bank’s managing director Uday Kotak, who owns 26 per cent in the lender, saw a reduction in his salary during the fiscal year. He earned a gross salary of Rs 2.97crore, which is a 18 per cent reduction from the year-ago period’s Rs 3.52crore, as per the annual report.

It can be noted that the city-headquartered bank is among the few lenders who have announced a salary cut of 10 per cent for senior executive earnings over Rs 25 lakh per annum from May 2020 onward, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. – Agencies, IHN-NN


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