Swapna Suresh … who walked with the rich and the powerful, with smuggling as main job?


TVM: Who is Swapna Suresh? A name that’s hardly ever heard in public life here, the woman is now known to have moved in high circles in the capital for quite a few years, during which she got herself divorced and lived with a second husband. Sources in the police said the woman hailed from Neyyattinkara and had her schooling in the Gulf, as her father worked there. She has a fairly good command over Arabic, which was one cited reason for her induction to the Indian Consulate in Dubai. Apparently, this strength was cited in records for her appointment as liaison officer with the State IT Space Park project here, directly supervised by IT secretary M Sivakumar. 

Sivakumar has been a frequent visitor at her rented flat at Mudavanmugal, near Peroorkada. He spent Sundays with her at the flat, and residents were not comfortable with the way an “outsider’ came in and disturbed their peace of mind. They grew suspicious about his presence there, with official car in wait at the parking slot, day and night, for many days. When they tried to apply curbs on his frequent presence there, the security intervened and a brawl erupted between Sivasankar and a securityman, which then turned into a police case.

However, the matter was hushed up, as per the residents association functionaries. This was quite some time ago.She moved on to take up a job with the Indian Consulate. After quitting the job, she strolled around for some time, developed several big connections, and one day got into the IT cell as a liaison officer. What surprised the Customs was that two calls from numbers registered with the CMO went to them at the airport immediately after they blocked the consignments. The Customs officials immediately informed their superiors. The Union ministry of external affairs intervened and gave its clearance for the inspection of the diplomatic bags — a sensitive matter. On inspection, it was found that the cargo carried melted gold of over 30kg.  

BJP leader K Surendran came to know of the phone calls from the CMO, from his external affairs ministry sources — probably junior minister V Muraleedharan.It is well-known that high-level political entities in the government are also involved in several gold smuggling rackets, and that the gold merchants here principally relied on smuggled gold for their jewellery business. 

The Customs reportedly learned in investigations on Monday that principal accused Sarit, who went to release the consignment by posing as PRO of Indian Consulate, got Rs 15 lakh for his role, and the woman, Swapna Suresh got as high as Rs 35 lakh per consigment. Several big sharks in public life too are reportedly getting gratifications from every deal. Quite a few in the film world are also allegedly part of this racket. 

Swapna Suresh is absconding, or is in “safe custody” of some bigwigs as she knows too much and could spoil their reputation. The name of a prominent media personality too is linked to the present racket. 

Meanwhile, there is apparent foul play in the release of a picture of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan walking with Swapna Suresh at an event — that is said to have taken place in Dubai some time ago. The picture was released abruptly on the social media page of Governor Arif Mohd Khan, and this was immediately taken out, with an explanation that another picture of the governor attending an event was to be loaded, and there was a mix-up; and hence the removal of the original picture. 

By then, however, the deed was done. Media personnel got wind of this picture loading, and had accessed the post and copied it. IHN-NN

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