COVID INDIA … India down at third worst slot in global Covid graph; 25,000 infections a day


NEW DELHI: India overtook Russia to take the world’s third worst slot in terms of Covid-19 infections, official statistics showed Monday. A record number of nearly 25,000 cases were reported on Monday, sending alarm bells ringing.

The deaths so far are of over 19,000, but notably, nearly half of these were reported from Maharashtra state alone.  The principal commercial hub of Mumbai remains under an extended lockdown until end of July, which could be further extended if the scenario does not improve.

The southern state of Kerala, which ably resisted the Corona-19 spread in the state since February last, saw its state capital, Thiruvananthapuram, shut completely under a triple lockdown order encompassing entire day and night, in what is reported to be a curfew-like scenario.

The southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka are also deeply into the Corona-19 spread, though they resisted its invasion to an extent in the past three months.

The Union Health Ministry reported over 23,000 fresh cases on Monday, and the total number of infections in India is now of the order of 7 lakh.

This took India to override the figures in Russia, while the worst-hit remain as Brazil with 1.6millon  cases and the United States with 2.88million. –IHN-NNINDIA HERE AND NOW

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