PM ADDRESS … PM Modi to address nation at 4pm on Tuesday; word on response to China likely

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation via television at 4pm on Tuesday. The PM announced this on his twitter page on Monday night. While no details of what he aims to say are given, speculation is rife that he would speak on India’s present engagement with China in the Ladakh area along the northern border. 
The situation there remains highly tense after Chinese PLA killed 20 Indian soldiers including a range commander without the use of guns and instead using brutal muscle-power, stones and iron rods. India says it has killed double the number of Chinese, but China has not given out any figure of the dead soldiers.
India has moved military reinforcements, including hi-tech weapons to the Ladakh region and so did China which too is making heavy preparations anticipating a war-like situation. 
If India heads for war, there is the possibility of a declaration of national emergency for a limited period. IHN-NN

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