COVID INDIA … India’s Covid tally near 550,000, death toll around 16,500; Mumbai lockdown till end July

NEWS COVID INDIANEW DELHI: India’s Covid tally was at 5,48,318 on Monday, while 19,459 new cases and 380 deaths were reported since Sunday, Union health ministry data released here during the day said. The death toll was put at 16,475 after 380 people died to the respiratory disease.
The ministry note said the nation.The ministry release said the nation’s recovery rate improved further to 58.67 per cent after 12,010 people were cured of the disease in the last 24 hours. As many as 321,722 C-patients have been discharged from hospitals so far and there were 210,120 active cases.Four states in the North-East region stood out, as no covid death has been reported from these states, and the infection tally also remained very low. The western metropolis of Kolkata is also managing the situation well. Overall, the eastern region is relatively well-off in terms of health risk compared to other parts of the country, for whatever reasons.Meanwhile, Karnataka, which kept the pandemic spread under control, raised concern on Monday, as the figure of infections in the state showed substantial rise.The Maharashtra government extended the lockdown in the western metropolis of Mumbai for one more month, up until July 31, as the situation in the city remained bad. However, relaxations in lockdown conditions are being effected, giving some relief to the people caught tied to their homes for the past three months. IHN-NN


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