COVID INDIA … Recovery level in India reaches 50 per cent level in steady rise

NEW DELHI: Worst-hit Maharashtra’s Covid-19 count crossed the one-lakh mark, while the scenario in Delhi too is turning for the worse. To better coordinate the anti-pandemic drive in the capital, Union Home Minister Amit Shah will be holding a meeting with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday. Meanwhile, the total infections in the country was put on Saturday at over three lakh on Saturday, and the recovery rate saw improvements to the level of nearly 50 per cent.

Maharashtra so far reported 1,01,141 cases, while Tamil Nadu reported 40,690 cases and Delhi 36845 cases. Across India, 3,08,993 cases were reported so far, making this country the fourth highest in the number of Covid cases across the world. The death toll rose to 8,884, with Maharashtra adding the largest figure of 386 deaths by Saturday. Delhi reported 36,824 covid infections so far and deaths at 1,217. Mumbai alone reported 1366 fresh cases and 90 deaths on Saturday.

World Health Organisation stated that the corona virus cases were decreasing in Europe while other parts of the world witnessed a spike in recent days. Brazil, the second worst-hit country, has reported eight lakh cases and 41,000 deaths so far. Notably, Saudi Arabia said it might cancel the annual Haj pilgrimage for this season in view of the Covid crisis. The United States has recorded 839 coronavirus-related deaths in a day’s time, taking the country’s death toll to 114,613 on Friday.

In India, Maharashtra so far reported the largest death toll from a state, at 3,717 deaths while Gujarat reported 1,386 deaths and Delhi 1,217 deaths.

Across India, industrial production shrank by 55 per cent in the first full month of the lockdown, as per figures released this weekend. –IHN-NN


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