COVID INDIA … Maharashtra crosses the Chinese tally, Covid infections at over 85,000 in state; India at over 2,50,000


NEW DELHI Maharashtra alone crossed the Chinese tally of Covid infections, by crossing the 85,000 level and recording nearly a thousand more cases — against the Chinese figure of 84,000 plus. Most of the infections in the state were reported from Mumbai and Pune. 
As per reports, Delhi, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are also substantially adding to the nationwide Covid tally on Monday of nearly 2,57,000 cases. The covid death toll in India is in the range of over 7,200. Some 3,600 people have died of Covid in Maharashtra alone.In Delhi, the Covid tally is of nearly 29,000 while Gujarat so far reported over 20,000 infections. Some1249 people in Gujarat died of the infection, while the total Covid deaths in Delhi is a little over 800. In Tamil Nadu, another majorly hit state, nearly 32,000 Covid infections have been reported so far and some 270 people have died of the infection so far. 
Rajasthan reported some 10,000 Covid cases so far, while the related deaths there is of less than 250. In Uttar Pradesh, there are some 10,500 cases while in Madhya Pradesh, some 9,500, and West Bengal some 8,000 cases so far. IHN-NN


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