COVID…India in steady climb up, Covid daily tally nearer to 10,000


NEW DELHI: It would now look like, India has simply managed to postpone what was in the making vis-à-vis the global Covid-19 pandemic, through a two-month-long lockdown of the nation since March 25. In a steady climb up, the number of the total infected rose by Saturday to 2,36,657 cases.

Worse, the daily covid-infection tally rose to the level of nearly 10,000 by this weekend. In a steady fall in the scenario, India is now the sixth worst-affected nation — after the US, Brazil, Russia, Spain and the UK, said the John Hopkins University monitoring the global scenario.

As per the data released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Covid-linked deaths in the country since February rose to 6,642. While there are 1,15,942 active Covid-19 cases, some 1,14,072 of the infected have recovered. In the past three days, the daily infection rate remained in the range of between 9000 to 10,000. Between May 15 and 20, about 4,000 to 5,000 cases were being confirmed on a daily basis.

The spike in covid cases in India is not a reflection of nationwide scene. Some five states are the central weak spots failing to control the covid spread. Maharashtra, with its teeming western metropolis of Mumbai, as also big cities like Pune and Nagpur accounting for huge infection and death numbers, leads these states. Maharashtra reported over 80,000 cases, followed by Tamil Nadu with 28,000 cases, Delhi with 26,000 cases, Gujarat with 19,000 cases, Rajasthan 10,000 cases and Uttar Pradesh 9,700 cases of infections so far.


Across 220 nations, over 6,700,000 people have been infected and the death toll stood at 3,94,875. A total of 2,746,192 people have recovered so far. The US on Saturday recorded the lowest number of deaths per day, at 42, and 2,728 hospitalizations. President Trump said India and China might be recording worse scenarios of covid infections if only tests were done in as comprehensive a manner as the US does.


WHO Health Emergencies Program Executive Director Michael Ryan stated on Friday that the doubling time of the coronavirus cases in India, as of now, was about three weeks. “In South Asia, not just in India but in Bangladesh and in Pakistan as also other countries in South Asia, with large dense populations, the disease has not exploded. But there is always the risk of that happening,” Ryan stated in Geneva. –IHN-NN


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