Captain Shaji Kumar.
By Captain Shajikumar

EVEN THE longest and darkest of night ends with morning light. We are through different phases of the lockdown. Maybe, just maybe, even if the announcement of the lockdown was abrupt and sudden in line with what we have come to accept as the innate style of our Prime Minister, it may have helped India avoid what could have been a large-scale devastation, as seen elsewhere in the world.

Still waiting, but the statistics till date project quite an encouraging outcome.

Lockdown or not, it is time when manufacturing and other operations will be and undoubtedly should be permitted to restart in a phased manner. How much more can we remain locked up? This is an extremely critical and delicate operation that will involve clear guidelines, operating principles and a very vigilant approach to health and safety.

Communication that is simple, easy to understand and practise becomes an essential tool in this phase. Unlike what we saw in these last eight weeks, all stakeholders need to be explained the steps and procedure for operating productively while maintaining social distancing and essential practices. As also everyone in the Industry was waiting in hope when the Finance Minister unwrapped the Economic Stimulus steps, tranches, as was promised by the Prime Minister in his 3rd address to the nation.

Astrology is capable of predicting the future for anyone, whether a man, woman, country or the world itself. Astrologers who known the subject often predict the future and events accurately and at times they fail to see what was in the offing. I do firmly believe, as the Prime Minister reiterated, we can really turn the tide and change things – to make India great again. This is an opportunity for us to change things.

When we see a hole in a piece of silk, we are hardly surprised. It may be a shame but given the susceptibility of this fabric to wear and tear, it is inevitable. When we see a hole in a piece of steel, we are amazed. What on earth has caused this? Our psychological armour is sturdy. For all our inner sensitivity, it takes a lot to dent our external confidence – and it has been proven many times over.

We are made of quite sturdy stuff. The experience of this pandemic will yet again just prove the point. I am quite certain that collectively we would see a resurgent India galloping ahead.
–The writer is a Delhi-based entrepreneur. –IHN-NN

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