TRAINS … Railways begins bookings; 100 trains to start running from June 1; rates to remain same


UPDATE: Railway Minister Piyush Goyal announced on Thursday that bookings from railway ticket counters will resume in two to three days’ time. Online bookings have already started from Thursday. So far, some 279 special or Shramik trains were run, over the past two weeks, ferrying some five lakh migrant labour back to their hometowns, as also stranded students etc. IHN-NN

NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways has announced that as many as 100 trains will start operations from June 1. Among these are the Durontos, Sampark Krantis, Jan Shatabdis and Poorva Express. This is the second phase of restoration of rail services after full suspension from March 25, as part of efforts to beat the Corona virus spread. Small numbers of special trains were being operated for the past two weeks to ferry stranded people and migrant workers to their home towns.

Bookings and reservations for the 100 trains began from 10 am on May 21 by online E-Ticketing facility. 

However, the rest of the passenger services including Mail and Express trains, passengers and suburban services, as also Metro services, will remain suspended for longer periods. There will be no general compartment in trains that will resume running. Ticket charges were remain same. Only passengers with confirmed tickets can enter railway stations, the Railways said in an announcement. It added that there will be no tatkal facility for now.

The Railways said the first chart shall be prepared at least 4 hours before scheduled departure and second chart shall be prepared at least 2 hours((unlike present practice of 30 minutes) before scheduled departure. Only online current booking shall be permitted in between first and second chart preparation. IHN-NN


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