CHIEF INSPIRATION ..CM Pinarayi pays tributes to his mother Kalyani Koran –on world Mother’s Day

TVM: In a rare reference to his parents, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday explained the strong bond he had with his mother, deceased Kalyani Koran, who had taken over the upkeep of the family after his father’s demise at an early age, in the midst of poverty that often stared point blank at the family.

The chief minister noted that he was born as the 12th of the total 14 babies she bore in her belly, and of whom 11 had died after delivery. Vijayan grew up in extremely difficult situations, with his father bed-ridden and eventually dead. Those were the days when he toiled as a handloom weaver, did odd jobs, and carried forward his studies. 

“With courage, my mother took over the family responsibilities,” he wrote in a remembrance message on the occasion of Mother’s Day. 

“My mother taught me even in adverse circumstances. At a time (when the family found it difficult to educate me), she resolutely stood by the advice from (my) teacher to have her son carry on with his studies up until he fails,” the chief minister reminisces.  

“As a boy, I sat next to my mother and read the school texts in a loud voice (as was the wont in those days). That was how I learned reading as a habit. This helped me in my political education too, later,” the CM noted.

“The moral courage that my mother gave me was what acted as the foundation for my political life. This special day set apart for mothers across the globe and my thoughts about my mother will undoubtedly give me the added strength to work tirelessly for the poor and the disadvantaged around me,” the chief minister said.

“In a situation like this, when the nation is passing through a critical time (of health, social and economic crises) the way forward is to face the situation with loads of high energy. As long as we have before us the memory of our mothers, we need not go further in a search for examples of perseverance and moral courage,” the chief minister said.

Pinarayi Vijayan’s family

Added the CM: “I remember with gratitude my mother. My heartfelt thanks to all mothers on this special day. Let us face the present situation squarely and march forward unitedly by holding aloft the mother images of renunciation and empathy close to our heart.”

The 76-year-old Vijayan, born in Pinarayi village in Kannur district on March 21, 1944, is a graduate in Economics from a local government college. He held the post of state secretary of the CPI(M), the strongest political movement in Kerala, from 1998 to 2015, and took over as chief minister a year later. He also functions as Politburo member of the CPIM since 2002. 

Vijayan is among the tallest leaders of the Communist movement in India in the 21st Century — a time when the movement has degraded and degenerated itself into a paper tiger, except for Kerala, where he remains as the party’s central strength. –IHN-NN 


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