COVID INDIA … Mumbai remains as worst scenario, C-deaths in India nearing 2,000; total at 56,500

Mumbai …Under lockdown for weeks….


NEW DELHI: India’s Covid scenario is not improving if the figures of infection and deaths are any indication, despite a long drawn-out lockdown. The principal worries are specific to certain areas, and not wholesale. Maharashtra presents the worst scene, but the Covid attack is principally in the slum areas of Mumbai like Dharavi and Govandi, where migrants from other states are packed into hutments. Worry is also centered around Gujarat and Delhi as also Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. 

Significantly, out of the total 720 districts in India, 215 districts are totally free of covid infections. Activities in these districts could resume first, followed by other non-red districts, officials said. This apart, some 40 districts have not reported any fresh case in the past about a month.

The Maharashtra government, failing to take effective steps, put the onus on the top civic official in Mumbai, who was shifted from the BMC commissioner post on Friday. Mumbai has so far reported over 12,000 infections and over 460 deaths. Some relief is in the realization that there is no community level transmission in the western metropolis too, despite the high figures.

Across India, as many as 339 fresh infections were reported on Friday, taking the total to 56550 and deaths to nearly 2,000. Of the total cases, only five per cent are in ICU and about one per cent needed ventilators, joint secretary to health, Luv Agarwal has stated.


Liquor, considered an essential commodity by large sections of the people across financial divides, is yet not flowing. While the Centre had blocked its distribution for some six weeks and then allowed opening of liquor shops some four days ago, the failure on the part of large throngs to maintain social distancing norm integral to Covid control led to disruptions in supply. Following this, the Supreme Court responded to a PIL on Friday and said state governments –which oversee liquor segment — would do well to think of organising home-supply of the bottles, so that crowding could be avoided. –IHN-NN


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