COVID .. India death toll at 1075; infections total 33,610, says Union Health Ministry

NEW DELHI: The Covid tolls in India, released on Thursday evening by the Union Health Ministry, put the number of deaths so far at 1,075 and the total infections at 33,610. A little over 1,800 new infections were reported in the past 24 hours, the ministry said, adding there were 67 more deaths since Wednesday evening, when the previous situation was projected before the media. There are over 24,000 active Corona-infected patients in the country, it added.
The fatality rate vis-à-vis Covid infections in the state remained at a low of 3.2 per cent. Maharashtra remains as the most-affected. The infection numbers there totaled close to 10,000 while the deaths numbered around 430. Gujarat has over 4,000 cases of infections, Delhi nearly 3,500, Madhya Pradesh about 2,600 cases and Telangana about 1,000 cases.

Gujarat recorded about 197 deaths, Madhya Pradesh 130 deaths, Delhi 56 deaths, Rajasthan 51, Uttar Pradesh 39 deaths, and Andhra Pradesh 31 deaths and West Bengal 22 deaths, as per home ministry figures.

COVID-Lockdown hits Reliance Industries hard: The Reliance Industries, India’s largest enterprise led by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, reported that it has a consolidated profit of Rs 6,348crore during the January-March quarter (of the last fiscal). This showed a 45.5 per cent decline on per quarter profit counts and a 38.. 7 per cent decline in year-on-year terms. It said the company suffered a loss of Rs 4,267crore as a result of the slump in world oil prices and fall in demand as a result of the lockdown. IHN-NN


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