GUHA’S PLIGHT … Modi-baiter Ramachandra Guha snubbed by HT; and he gets mouthful from Katju

The scene where the Central Vista project will come up

NEW DELHI: Prominent Modi-baiter Ramachandra Guha is crest-fallen. He Is hemming and hawing over a rejection of his latest article, one on the Union Government’s Central Vista project which will reshape the seat of governance and create a new parliament building, all along Rajpath. Prime Minister Modi is taking the project forward as one of his main items on agenda for his second term in governance of the nation.   
The latest article from Guha targeted PM Modi in particular, after a woman journalist wrote against the project and word came from Nehru family that this would be a “waste of money.” Hindustan Times which used to publish some of the writings of Guha rejected this piece, in an obvious snub to the history writer. Guha however got the article published in The Wire, a leftist online journal specializing in anti-BJP and anti-Modi offensives. The source of secret funding for this journal is currently under investigation of the home ministry. The central figure behind the online journal, Siddharth Varadaran had been with The Hindu where he served a short term  as the southern daily’s editor.
Guha, who was bestowed the title of “Conscience-Keeper” of the nation by an editorial writer in Times of India recently, is currently based in Bengaluru, also as he felt suffocated at the climate in Delhi ever since PM Modi and the BJP took power there in 2014. Guha has been on the secular platform and a Modi-baiter along with the likes of Gopal Krishna Gandhi, for long. The award of the title enthused Guha more and he’s now more in an attack mode against Modi and the central government, firing “one salvo a week from his hip every week” as a wag commented here the other day.
Worse, Hindustan Times is now non-committal as to whether Guha can continue to write for it anymore. Be that as it may, Guha has announced through The Wire that he would rather stop writing for HT. The Times of India had earlier refused to entertain articles from the Conscience-Keeper.
A central criticism against the project is that a new, well-organised official residence for the Prime Minister is part of the project; which the Modi-baiters are not comfortable with. The massively funded project will be implemented by a Gujarat-based firm.
Rtd Justice Katju
Meanwhile, retired judge Justice Markandey Katju, another self-styled “conscience keeper” of the nation went on a tangent against Guha, via Twitter. Katju called Guha a “superficial and highly over-rated person, and said he wondered why this history writer is getting any importance. Guha claims a mix of Tamil Brahmin and Bengali legacy. 
Wrote Justice Katju on his Twitter handle: “@Ram_Guha is a superficial&highly overpraised person, posing, like many others, to be an ‘intellectual’. I dont know y u guys give him so much importance?”
Guha spent much of his time in writing on many subjects including environment, politics, history etc. He also worked as a journalist. Another of Guha’s claim is that he studied in the elitist Doon School, where the Nehru family sent their children for studies. Guha had been awarded Padma Bhushan by the Congress-UPA government in 2009. 
Meanwhile, Varadarajan took up cudgels on behalf of Guha, by writing on Twitter, “The fact that Delhi’s top-selling (and India’s 3rd-largest) English newspaper chose to spike this—and lose a fine columnist—tells us @narendramodi ‘s makeover of the big media is complete.” IHN-NN

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