LOCKDOWN .. PM to address nation at 10am on Tuesday; extension of lock-down on agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi … Covid-19 and Lockdown…. 

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 10am on Tuesday amid strong feelings that the three-week lockdown of the nation will be extended until the end of April. Selective exemptions are contemplated, both in terms of localities and sectors, as proposed by some states, but the last word on this will be known only when the PM starts his address. 

In a first step towards normalization of the situation, ministers here returned to their offices on Monday, followed by senior officials who have government transport facility. 

A general impression is that the three-week shutdown has helped control the spread of the virus. The graph of deaths and infections are going up, but slowly, meaning there is no community spread of the virus yet, and no serious danger is in store unless things turn worse hereafter. It is here that utmost caution is advised in the way the lock-down scenario is brought to a halt, and in a staggered manner. Some relaxations are expected in most places, though Delhi will have to wait for more time for people to stir out of their homes. So with other vulnerable areas.

In Delhi, over 700 infections were reported from Nizamuddin area where a Tablighi Jamaat event took place for weeks, attended by large numbers of delegates from outside too. Yet, the governmental agencies are doing their best to rein in the situation. So with Dharavi slum in Mumbai, where too infection spread to more areas but not in any bewildering way. The Maharashtra tally, principally in Mumbai and Pune, crossed 2000 mark on Sunday.

A total of around 310 deaths in India were linked so far to Covid, while total infections stood at over 9,000. Some 35 C-linked deaths were reported from across states since Sunday morning, while there were over 600 more infections in a day.

Yet, overall, there is optimism that India will overcome the crisis in a matter of about four weeks. It is this optimism that prompted the Railways to selectively start bookings and reservations for travel from mid-April. IHN-NN

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal who called on the PM in New Delhi.

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