COVID CLIMB .. Scenario worsens in US, France; India death toll at 62

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NEW DELHI: India’s Covid positive tally jumped to 2547, with 478 cases reported on Friday — the highest single day number so far — while the death toll rose to 71, as per figures released by tracking agencies. The global scenario is turning worse too.
In France, Covid-related deaths rose by 61 per cent to 6,507 in the past two days, while confirmed cases there rose by 44 per cent to 82,165. France thus became the fifth country to report more cases than the origin nation China. In the United States, the past two days saw registering of nearly 1,500 deaths from Covid. With this, the total deaths due to Covid in the US so far stood at 7,406.
Reports said the corona virus pandemic will hit the tourism industry hard. The estimated losses to the industry are of the order of a loss of Rs 5 lakh crore and job cuts set to affect four to five crore people. TheConfederation of Indian Industry estimates that branded hotel groups would lose as much as 1.10 lakh crore, online travel agencies 4,312 crore, tour operators 25,000crore, adventure tour operators 19,000crore and cruise tourism 419crore.
Reports quoting the Union Ministry of Tourism said the government is expected to help the sector with soft loans, working capital and deferment on loan repayments. The ministry itself, in a presentation to a parliamentary panel on transport and tourism last month, had pegged the losses at 5 lakh crore, quoting industry estimates. The national federation of 10 tourism, travel and hospitality organisations of India, FAITH, said the overall value of the losses could be of 5 lakh crore.
Last year, 10.89million foreign tourists arrived in India, while the number was 10.56million the year before and 10.04million in 2017. –IHN-NN

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