TABLIGHI EVENT … Modi govt caught napping as Tablighi Jamaat held event in Delhi in Covid times

NEW DELHI: The Modi government is in the dock for allowing the Tablighi Jamaat event to be held in Nizamuddin in March, which led to massive spread of Covid-19 virus in Delhi as also across states from delegates arrived for the event. Some 180 of the about 300 infections in Delhi alone so far are attributed to the participants of the event held at a mosque and dormitory where delegates from India and abroad stayed.

The Modi government was blissfully unaware of what went wrong until a police alert came from Telangana government a week ago. It said several of the participants who returned from the Delhi event were tested positive for Covid virus. When police analysed the details of those who were found afflicted with the virus, and their background, it turned out that more than half of the Covid-inflicted in Telangana were those who returned from the events in Delhi.


The Union Health Ministry stated on Friday that as high as 
647 Corona positive cases reported 
from various parts of the country in the 
last days are linked to the Tablighi Jamaat event in Delhi. 
The total number of cases in the country was put 
at 2301 on Friday, with deaths at 56.

Following the alert from Telangana and reports in Delhi media that the national capital was set to face a major health crisis, vis a vis Covid, the National Security Adviser Ajid Doval went into an ove-drive. Immediately after PM Modi announced a Janata Curfew, he persuaded the Jamaat organisers to draw the curtains on the event. All talk now is about how Ajit Doval did a great job in forcing an end to the event. 

Fact, it is learnt, is that the Jamaat fully cooperated in governmental efforts to do firefighting after word came from Telangana. A section of the media is allegedly hailing Doval to cover up the failure on the part of the government and its security adviser to avert a health emergency.

Alongside, word also spread that the  Tablighi Jammat had indirect links to global terror. A Pakistani anti-terrorism official had stated that this organization is shadowy in nature and even a nursery for global terror. Its name is also linked with some major Pakistan-based anti-India terror offensives. How such an organization was allowed to hold a congregation at this critical period of March is a big question staring point blank at the Modi government and NSA Ajit Doval. 

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases 
around the world has soared past one million 
and deaths have topped 50,000 as the United States 
reported the highest daily death toll of any country so far.

Even granted that the government gave its nod to hold the religious event, it could have reconsidered the decision and withdrawn the permission later in view of the gathering gloom over Covid spread. Instead, the organizers claim they had the permission to hold the event from the Delhi Police, which is directly under the control of the Union Government.

The government has no ideas as to who all attended this meet. It is trying to collect information now. Such was the laxity of the security apparatus in Delhi. –IHN-NN


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