EMPIRE STRIKES AGAIN … Domicile rules changed; non-Kashmiris too can get govt jobs there

Image credit..NDTV

NEW DELHI: In a follow-up to the August last’s abrogation of Article 370 and ending of the unjustified Special Status for Jammu and Kashmir, the Narendra Modi government on Thursday granted right for government jobs to all those who were living there for the past over 15 years. Under the special rules earlier, only permanent residents of Kashmir could get government jobs.
Also, the new rule says those who have studied in Jammu and Kashmir for a period of seven years and appeared for Class 10 or Class 12 examinations will now be eligible for domicile certificates.
Political parties in Jammu and Kashmir were quick to make a hue and cry. Former chief minister and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, who was released from detention a few days ago, said the Centre was rubbing salt into the wounds of Kashmiris. The newly formed Apni Party chief Altaf Bukhari pleaded with the Centre that the new change may be held in abeyance till the Covid crisis is over.
Also, as per the new rule, all central government officials, public sector executives and bank staff and central university hands who worked in Jammu and Kashmir for a minimum of seven years, as also their children, will be eligible for domicile status. The domicile rights are automatically extended to all migrants who lived in Kashmir. –IHN-NN
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