COVID … India’s Covid infection number crosses 700; US overtakes China as the worst-hit

NEW DELHI/KOCHI: India’s Covid infection number crossed the 700-mark by Thursday, while the death toll rose to 16, even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi put the entire nation on a three-week lock-down since Wednesday. Kerala and Maharashtra led the pack of states with the highest number of Covid cases so far. The nation remained under complete lock-down for the second day on Thursday, while essential services were not affected, officials said.

Kerala, with its large overseas links,  presented the worst case. Over a lakh of people were put under ‘observation’ either in their homes or in hospitals in Kerala, where 137 persons were tested positive for the virus infection till Thursday. The state government is effectively tackling the situation on various fronts. Maharashtra reported 124 positive cases so far.

The number of Covid cases in the US rose to over 82,000 on Thursday – the largest in the world – and the death toll there crossed 1,200. New York and Lousiana are the central points of Covid spread in the US; and lack of ventilators to treat those coming in with respiratory problems – a major symptom of covid – is seen as the main hurdle in treatment of cases. 

China has so far reported a little over 81,000 cases and Italy 80,500 cases. Some 1204 Americans died of Covid in recent weeks, as per reports from there. –IHN-NN


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