COVID … Police tighten vigil against public activity; nation in shut-down mode; deaths at 14

NEW DELHI: A curfew-like situation existed across the nation on Thursday, as police in various states tightened vigil against movement of people in streets and other public places. The death toll due to Covid rose to 14 in India with the death of one each persons in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Kashmir in the past 24 hours. 

A total of 649 corona virus infection cases have been reported from various parts of India so far, officials with the Health ministry in Delhi said.
Maharashtra has the largest number of infections – at 124, while Kerala came second with 109 cases of infections so far. Covid cases in Delhi rose to 36. Karnataka reported 41 cases, Gujarat 38, UP 37, Rajasthan 36 and Telangana 35 cases so far. Punjab reported 29 cases and Haryana 28, Tamil Nadu 18 cases, Andhra Pradesh 9 cases.

Maharashtra so far reported three deaths, while Kashmir, Bihar, Karnataka, Gujarat, Punjab, Delhi, West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh reported one each death.

West Bengal reported the 10th case of corona virus infection on Thursday. Goa reported the first three Covid infection cases on Thursday. All the three had been to destinations abroad in recent times.

The central government has suspended the Census and National Population Register (NPR) data collection, that was ongoing for the past few weeks. These will be resumed after the Covid scare ends and the nation returns to normalcy, the government has announced.

The Covid infection cases rose to nearly 70,000 in the United States; the US reported 1031 deaths so far. The US has the third largest number of cases after China and Italy. New York alone accounted for 30,000 infections and 300 deaths.

Warns World Health Organisation: “Asking people to stay at home and shutting down population movement is buying time, and reducing the pressure on health systems.”  But these are not long-term solutions. “On their own, these measures will not extinguish epidemics,” said WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He added: “We call on all countries to use this time to attack the novel coronavirus. You have created a second window of opportunity (via the lockdown).”

Prince Charles, heir to the British Throne, tested positive for Covid.

Pakistan suspended domestic flights Thursday, while Qatar said it would operate international flights to  70 destinations.  Pakistan has reported a total of 990 cases and seven deaths till Wednesday.

Spain, one of the worst-hit, reported 3434 deaths so far – surpassing China’s 3285 deaths; Spain’s infection number being 47,610. Italy’s death toll is the largest so far – at 6,820. — IHN-NN


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