COVID … India at a standstill .. Janata Curfew on in full force from 7am till 9pm; total shutdown

NEW DELHI: With the Janata Curfew on, the nation is on a standstill on Sunday as advised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Streets across the capital wore a deserted look, while those who ventured out in the morning were greeted with flowers by city cops and turned back to their homes. Most train services remain suspended for the day; as also malls and shops. Essential services like hospitals remain functional. Only limited number of flights operated.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a tweet, thanked the nation for the prompt response.


Italy … deserted streets

World covid death toll jumps to 13,000; Over 1 billion confined to homes.

UN Health chief says reported cases of covid around the world crossed 200,000
Ten new cases in India on Sunday; total at over 320.

Karnataka shuts its borders…
Tamil Nadu announces extension of Janata Curfew till 5am, Monday.

Punjab chief minister announces state-wide shutdown till March 31.
Rajasthan announces complete lockdown till March 31.

No lock-down in Delhi for now; will do later if a need arose, says Kejriwal. 
Maharashtra govt announces shutdown of Mumbai local train services.

Maharashtra covid infection toll rises to 74.

Hero Motorcop announces shutdown of all its plans across the world.

Olympic’s Tokyo 2020 might be postponed.

Covid-19 can remain infectious for days on certain surfaces, scientists learn.


All train services will be suspended till March 25, as per a railway announcement as part of steps to check the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus. Across the world, the number of coronavirus-hit crossed three lakh. While this number was reached since the start in December, the first one lakh was reached in a month’s time, the second lakh in the next twelve days and the third lakh in a matter of a week—demonstrating the danger that lies ahead. 

Total deaths worldwide so far were of 13052; some 4,800 in Italy alone. India reported only four deaths so far. The total confirmed cases in the country are of 315. 

CLAP, CLAP……………………………..

PM Modi has urged citizens to stand at balconies and near windows this evening and clap, as also ring bells to hail the field staff working to control the spread of the deadly virus, like sanitation workers.

Tweeted the PM: “Let us all be a part of this curfew, which will add tremendous strength to the fight against the COVID-19 menace,” Modi tweeted minutes before the curfew commenced. “The steps we take now will help in the times to come,” he said in the tweet.


DUE TO H1N1 VIRUS IN 1918-19

Around 1.60crore people had died in India due to the H1N1 virus spread around year 1918-20 – when the total population was in the range of only 30crore. The virus came from Europe’s military hospitals at the end of the World War 1, and was possibly brought in by Indian soldiers who fought for the British army in foreign soil.


In an announcement on Sunday via Facebook, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said all commercial activities in the country would be shut, other than essential services, with immediate effect.  Italy reported 4,825 covid deaths, the highest in any country so far, and more than that of  China. The number of confinements was 53,578 cases in a nation of just six crore people. IHN-NN


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