COVID… Near-total shut-down in Mumbai; offices closed in major cities across Maharashtra till March 31

MUMBAI: All offices in major cities across Maharashtra – including Mumbai and Pune, among others — will remain closed till March 31, to ward off the dangers from Covid-19 spread, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced on Friday. The state has 52 reported cases of Coronavirus infections so far. The closure is effective from midnight Friday night.

The government would enforce a near-total shutdown in the western metropolis, but essential services and public transport will not be stopped. Banks will also remain functional. The chief minister said the present 50 per cent presence in offices will be sought to be reduced to 25 per cent, while other could work from home as and where possible. 

Mumbai had suspended AC train services for an indefinite period, a day ago. Delhi Metro will shut down for a day on Sunday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to hold a video-conference with chief ministers on Friday to find ways to jointly tackle the covid crisis. —IHN-NN


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