COVID …Covid death toll worldwide crosses 10,000 while Europe caught in virus storm

NEW DELHI: Covid-19 has taken a toll of over 10,000 deaths globally so far, while there are 245,000 confirmed cases of infections, reports said on Friday, painting a gloomy picture of the emerging scenario. Prime Minister Modi, who addressed the nation on Thursday night and called for high alert, will be holding a video-conference with chief ministers of states on Friday, as part of an attempt to coordinate anti-Covid activities by various central and state agencies.

India got itself set for a Janata Curfew on Sunday, as advised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, wherein people will stay indoors and will not stir out for the entire day. India, so far, has only 200 reported infections, but the actual figures might be still higher, say health experts. Testing facilities are not widespread in the country. 

Several train services remain cancelled in India, while senior citizens above age 65 have been advised by the PM to stay indoors. Office-goers are increasingly being advised to stay at home and work online, rather than coming to offices, in situations where this is possible. The trend started with IT firms in Bengaluru a week ago, and is spreading to other fields of activities too. There will, however, be no complete lockdown in India, officials stressed.

Italy, now in the eye of the Covid-19 push, has reported over 3,400 deaths so far; more than the fatalities in China. China is reporting a slow-down in Covid’s push. In Germany and France, the number of infections crossed 10,000 each. The UAE government on Friday banned entry to all foreign nationals until further orders. –IHN-NN

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