COVID .. PM Modi calls for Janata Curfew on Sundays; week’s ban on flights to India; many train services suspended

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday advised the nation to be on high alert against Covid-19 and urged the nation to voluntarily observe a Janata Curfew every Sunday, so that people would not stir out and help curb the spread of the deadly virus. The nation meanwhile saw major disruptions to life in the form of suspension of  rail services and a ban of incoming international passenger flights for a week.

The PM said the next 15 days are crucial to India’s battle against Covid-19. The coronavirus infection figure for India rose to nearly 170.

On Thursday, the Covid-19 scenario saw all AC local train services being suspended in the western metropolis of Mumbai. Several long-distance train services remain suspended across the country also as people are reluctant to travel. The Prime Minister advise elders, above age 65, whose resistance levels are low, to remain confined to their homes. He also proposed that those who can work from home via online may be allowed to do so, rather than going to office and work.

The Janata Curfew will be in force from seven in the morning to nine at night on Sundays. The PM took note of the fact that no vaccine or medicine has been developed so far to treat the virus. He cautioned the nation against panic buying of items in view of the fear that there could be shortage of essentials. The PM also announced the formation of an economic response task force to deal with the situation arising out of Covid.

However, reports from China stated that, for the first time on Thursday, no fresh case of coronavirus infection was reported from Wuhan. Infection reports were coming in from Wuhan on a daily basis since January. However, its main battle now is on “imported cases” – of those with infections coming in from abroad.  Over 2,800 deaths have occurred in China since the start of the epidemic in December; some more deaths were reported on Thursday as well.
Italy, on the other hand, seems throwing its hands up. 

The death toll in China vis-à-vis Covid is likely to be surpassed by Italy, the way things were getting worse in the tiny European nation, as per reports. Italy’s toll reached nearly 3,000 – more than 350 deaths each day since March 15, Associated Press news agency reported. Most of the dead there were the elderly. Reports from Iran, another seriously hit nation, said one person died every 15 minute in the country, due to Covid-19. – IHN-NN 


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