PUTIN’S PUSH… Vladimir Putin follows Xi, on way to ensure two more terms as President, till year 2032

MOSCOW: Russia’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, on Wednesday passed constitutional reforms that, among other things, grants President Vladimir Putin two more terms in office. The reforms will pass muster once they are passed also by the upper house, the Federal Council, in a voting slated for April 22.
Putin, a former KGB spy, took power in Russia in year 2000 as its president and remains as the nation’s supreme leader for the past 20 years without any interruption, other than that from 2008 to 2012 he designated himself as prime minister – a post he held in 1999. The present move comes when his fourth and final presidential term is set to end in 2024. For good or for bad, there is no challenge to his authority ever since he took power; if anyone raised a finger at him, his voice was not heard thereafter.
Putin gave Russia political stability. He’s handling matters with a strong will, having kept the economy in good shape and brutally eliminated the scourge of Islamic extremism in Chechnya and other regions in the past. He announced the new reform package in January this year.
As per reform steps, the president will have authority to dismiss judges and he can also reject any law passed by parliament.
In a similar fashion, in March, 2018, China’s president Xi Jinping also won parliament approval to remain as President for his entire life term – meaning he can do what he wants without facing any questions or leg-pulling. Xi became President in March 2013, as successor to Hu Jintao. Constitutional changes made him president for life. Agencies, IHN-NN
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