YECHURY FOR RS?… CPIM leader makes fresh bid for re-entry to RS

NEW DELHI: CPIM general secretary Sitaram Yechury is making a fresh bid to re-enter Rajya Sabha, through help from the West Bengal unit of the party and the Congress Party. The available Politburo which met here the other day, attended by nine of the 17 members, did not favour the idea. A majority among the members present at the meet felt it was not advisable to seek Congress help for a CPIM nominee to enter Parliament.
The party is against one leader holding two posts. Yechury as general secretary is expected to concentrate full attention on party affairs, but nothing goes to show he has taken the fortunes of the party forward. His repeated terms as general secretary saw the party’s strength diminishing. While it is a washout in West Bengal after the emergence of the Trinamool Congress which took away the poor and Muslims to its side, the party is left high and dry there. In Tripura, BJP ousted the CPIM from power, and made mincemeat out of the Marxists there.
The party is holding power in Kerala due to the strength of the local party machinery well-oil by the Kannur lobby. The Kannur lobby, which was often put on defensive by Yechury at the central party meets, has no love lost for the general secretary and this is well-known. They are committed to Prakash Karat, former party general secretary who maintains high integrity in public life and party leadership.
The last word on Yechury’s RS re-entry is yet to be known. Active canvassing is going on among state units by those close to Yechury to facilitate his return to Parliament. A full Politburo meet might take the final decision. Yechury is ready to step aside once his present term as general secretary ends, and is interested in concentrating on parliamentary field, where he can join hands with  the Congress and take on PM Modi, his only obsession andone-point-programme so far as CPIM general secretary.–IHN-NN

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