TRUMP IN INDIA… PM says new chapter in US-India ties begins now; Trump praises India skyhigh, lauds PM Modi

AHMEDABAD: A new chapter in India-US relations is scripted with the visit of President Donald Trump and his family to India, stated Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Cricket stadium, the world’s largest, inaugurated on Monday in the presence of the US head of state. Trump, in his speech later, praised India’s growth as a democratic country with the largest middle class segment and did a lot to eradicate poverty. “

You are a fee society…,that makes US and India natural friends,” Trump stated. Trump praised Modi’s leadership qualities. Trump also praised the creativity of India as reflected in Bollywood.  

“This is the country which celebrates the triumph of good over evil, that is Diwali, and you have the beautiful festival of Holy. India cared for dignity of human being. Millions and millions of Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jains etc, and you speak more than one hundred language, and you have still stood as one great Indian nation. Your unity is an inspiration of the world. There are four million Indian Americans are living in the United States, Trump said.

Indians are pioneers of science, and innovation, he noted.

This is truly an inspiring time in the United States. Our economy is booming. Unemployment is at historic law, and business confidence at its all-time high, the President said. “Our military is the most powerful military anywhere in the world so far,” he said.

Trump referred to Mahatma Gandhi’s “great salt march.” We are going to see the majestic Taj Mahal. The prime minister and I shall continue our discussions to deepen our friendship and cooperation.” He also referred to the Tiger Triumph, a joint military exercise the US and India conducted. 

He spoke of a $3billion aircraft deal and said the two countries would fight terrorism together. Today, the ISIS caliphate has been destroyed one hundred per cent.. The leader and founder of ISIS is dead. Our borders will always be closed to any form of terrorists and terrorism, and we are working to ensure anyone who hurts our security will pay a very heavy, costly price. Every nation has a right to secure and control borders, Trump said.

My administration is working hard to crack down on the terrorists. India does it in the Paksitani border. We are seeing signs of big progress with Pakistan. India has an important leadership role in solving problems and promoting peace in this region. 

We will work to improve economic cooperation and work out trade deals. “I am optimistic that working together the PM and I can work together for the good of both our countries. HE IS A TOUGH NEGOTIATOR, Trump said of Modi.

A booming America is good for India and great for world. The best way to attract jobs and business is to eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic red tape through reforms. PM Modi has worked in this direction here. Two years ago, Modi welcomed my daughter Ivanka in Hyderabad. We are delighted to meet hundreds of women entrepreneurs, and I tell men, they are very careful and good in business. 

America is looking forward to have better cooperation in Space exploration. It is truely extraordinary what this nation has achieved.. and what Prime Minister Modi has achieved in this direction.. Mr Modi, CONGRATULATIONS! The Prime Minister 

“This nation is blessed with many things.. the Ganges… the rocks of the Himalayas and the splendid beaches of Goa. But standing before all of you, I know true strength of India is found in 125 thousand beating hearts in this stadium… You secured the nation’s Independence, and you worked for greater prosperity… Every Indian, Hindu, Muslim, and all else, united for the nation’s future… Thank YOU Again Mr Modi for this PHENOMENAL WELCOME…GOD BLESS UNITED STATES, GOD BLESS INDIA, WE LOVE YOU.. WE LOVE YOU..” —  — IHN-NN

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