DELHI POLLS .. Muslims say No to Commies; CPIM, CPI get less votes than NOTA in assembly elections in national capital

FOOLISH OBSESSIONS ..Left campaign against CAA in the capital…. 


NEW DELHI: India’s Left, which poses as “tigers” with help from the elitist media, proved to be worse than mice in the Delhi polls — and yet again. Directly under the nose of Sitaram Yechury and Co, the CPIM presented a pitiable picture in the national capital on Tuesday as state assembly results streamed in.

The party that tried to outwit all other parties in the anti-CAA campaign and tried to win the confidence of Muslims, ended up with some 100 to 400 votes in the constituencies it contested – while even NOTA got more votes in these constituencies. Even the large segments of the Malayali and Bengali populations simply ignored the party when it came to voting, as the results proved.

The CPI did better than the CPIM. The CPI got 0.02 per cent of the votes while the CPIM got 0.01 per cent of the polled votes. This jells ill with the kind of smartness leaders like Sitaram Yechury demonstrate through the national media, in special the English media –both print and TV – off and on, projecting himself as also his party as the principal opponents of the BJP and PM Narendra Modi.

While the entire effort was to woo Muslims to the party’s side, the community as a whole turned its face away from the Communists and the Congress, and voted en mass for the AAP of Arvind Kejriwal. Notably, Kejriwal did not speak in favour of the anti-CAA protests and adopted a middle path, also knowing how sensitive an issue this was. He looked at the wider canvas, and sought to concentrate attention on the work he did on the development front in Delhi and the work he did for the poor and ordinary people. People, cutting across communities, are now seen to have given the AAP and its popular leader a thumbs-up.

The AAP won the largest share of votes, nearly 54 per cent while the BJP won over 38 per cent votes and the Congress over four per cent votes. The CPIM and the CPI had contested in five out of the 70 seats. In one seat, the CPI nominee got over 1,000 votes — the largest share for the Left in this polls. Other candidates of the Left got a few hundred votes each.

In the last Lok Sabha polls, the CPIM won just three seats; two from Tamil Nadu and one from Kerala. The CPI won two seats, both from Tamil Nadu. The four seats won by the two parties from Tamil Nadu was because of a pre-poll tie-up it had with the DMK. The LS polls saw the DMK and its allies winning all the LS seats from the state, other than one, which was won by deputy CM Pannerselvam’s son on an AIADMK ticket. The CPIM drew a blank in both West Bengal and Tripura. 

Under Sitaram Yechury’s leadership of the CPIM in recent times, the Left is having its worst times; and the CPIM has increasingly been transformed into a sidekick for the Congress. Sitaram Yechury is know in the capital more as an adviser and strategist to the Nehru family.

Kerala’s chief minister and CPIM leader Pinarayi Vijayan was among those in the forefront of extending their support to the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act brought forward by the Modi government at the Centre, principally to deport the millions of illegals from Bangladesh who ended up in India over the past many years. 

The CPIM tried to make it out that this was a law that will put Indian Muslims in deep trouble, and then extended an arm of support. It was the CPIM students in the JNU and Jamia Millia Islamia who led the anti-CAA protest in its initial phase. The party sought to create a fear psychosis among Muslims. It now is clear that the Communist strategy to win minority support was dismissed by Muslims in Delhi with the contempt it deserved. They saw in Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP more of dignity, sincerity, and strength to ensure justice to one and all and also take on the BJP. –IHN-NN


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