AAP AGAIN … AAP win in most assembly seats, Arvind Kejriwal to run government in Dellhi for another five-year term

FINAL TALLY: AAP 62 seats; BJP eight seats; Others NIL.

NEW DELHI: The Aam Aaadmi Party led by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is assured of a new term in power as the assembly poll results went mostly in favour of the party, while the BJP appeared to have improved its seat position in the 70-member house. While the counting was still progressing in the afternoon, the latest from the counting centre was that the AAP rode high in 63 seats and the BJP in seven seats. 

The Congress was nowhere to be seen, and no other party could taste victory so far. In the last polls, the AAP had won 62 seats and the BJP eight seats. Kejriwal was leading by a huge margin in the New Delhi constituency, while his deputy Manish Sisodia trailed for a while but finally won the polls. 

Kejriwal is likely to be sworn in for a third time as Delhi CM on February 14, the same day he took office in his second term in 2015. His first stint in 2013 lasted less than 50 days as the Congress withdrew its support to him.

The results are seen as an endorsement of Kejriwal’s Good Governance claim in the past five years, when he worked for the common man by strengthening the government-run education and healhcare systems which benefited the ordinary masses immensely. His government was not totally free of bribes/donations to the party, but overall he and his government maintained a clean image. 

The offer of free bus ride in Delhi transport buses for the entire folk of women in the capital was another major step of the AAP government that won the party votes.  


Arvind Kejriwal stated Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in 2012, shortly after he participated prominently in the Anti-Corruption campaign of Maharashtra-based social activist and Gandhian, Anna Hazare. Kejriwal took the stand that corruption had to be fought from within the establishment rather than from outside. Anna Hazare did not agree with the formation of a political party and kept away from Kejriwal.

The 2013 assembly polls in Delhi saw AAP winning 28 seats, BJP 31 seats, the Congress eight seats and the other parties three seats. Kejriwal surprised everyone by taking outside support of the Congress and formed a ministry. It did not last for more than 49 days. President’s Rule followed. In the 2015 assembly polls, Kejriwal swept the polls with 67 of the total 70 seats, leaving three seats to the BJP.

Magsaysay for social work ,,, work in slums in Delhi

Kejriwal, who did his graduation from the IIT Kanpur, started off as a revenue service official. Alongside, he engaged in social work, reached out to the slums in Delhi and did humanitarian work for the poor. It later won him a Magsaysay Award. It was armed with this reputation, and the name he earned as a front-line activist of India Against Corruption (IAC) that Kejriwal stepped into politics. 

The AAP and Kejriwal as CM stood by the poor and the ordinary folks of Delhi. The Communist leadership had initially refused to touch him even with a barge pole; they were jealous that someone else was appropriating the leadership of the capital city’s poor – a segment the Communists neglected always.

In this round of assembly polls, the Communists sought to tie up with Kejriwal and the AAP but this did not help them get any seat. 


Muslims form nearly 15 per cent of the population.With the Congress nowhere to be seen in the campaign, Muslims apparently voted en bloc for AAP, if only to defeat the BJP. At the same time, Kejriwal played his cards close to his chest. He had backed the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir; he had not openly supported the anti-CAA protests; yet Muslims thought it strategically important to vote for AAP if only to keep the BJP out of power in Delhi state. Even otherwise, Muslims voted against the BJP in all elections. However, some of them voted for the Congress and some for the AAP. This time, they unitedly voted for AAP.


Kejri with wife, daughter and his deputy Manish Sisodia
Arvind Kejriwal hails from Bhiwani in Haryana, and his was a middle-class Agarwal family. Agarwals are generally petty traders running kirana shops and the like, and they form an OBC segment. However, Kejriwal never projected himself as a leader from this community or as an OBC; he identified himself with the ordinary masses. Fact is also that the Agarwal community, on its part, gave him able support at ground level as also via donations for AAP. 


The Congress party is in total disarray. The party that ruled Delhi for many years until 2013 under the able leadership of Sheila Dikshit as chief minister, lost deposit this time in over 60 of the 70 seats. The PCC chief  Subhash Chopra put in his resignation and accepted moral responsibility for the party’s humiliating defeat in all the constituencies. Congressmen remained tongue-tied after the results were out. No one expected of the Congress to fare well, but no one also expected of it to go so deep down in public esteem. With Muslims unitedly backing Kejriwal and AAP, the Congress had no one to look up to for solace. Muslims do not see Kejriwal as a friend; but they also reckon that he will not harm them. Hence, the solid electoral support for AAP this time. 


The several assembly poll defeats for the BJP, one after another, is exercising 

the minds of BJP’s rank and file. No one in the party expected such a poor 

show for the party. This comes close on the heels of the party’s defeat in 

Jharkhand assembly polls, as also the loss of power in Maharashtra, besides 

the less-than-expected win in Haryana. Overall, every state is discarding the 

BJP as if the honeymoon with the saffron side has ended. PM Modi however 

retains high popularity rating in opinion polls. IHN=NN

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