RAHUL-MODI … When Rahul gave a "stick" to PM Modi and got beaten up himself –in Parliament

NEW DEHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a hard dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the campaign for assembly polls here; and got back a mouthful from the PM – the retaliation coming in Parliament on Thursday when the PM addressed it by way of his reply to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to President Kovind’s inaugural address of the two houses.

Rahul Gandhi had told the party’s campaign rally a day ago that “Modi will be beaten up by the youths of the country in about six months’ time as the PM has not been able to provide them jobs. The poll campaign ends today for voting on February 8.

The PM hit back on his young political rival with characteristic ease. Modi was addressing the house for over half an hour when Rahul Gandhi got up to interject him. Responded the PM: “I have been speaking for a long time now, but it took so long for the current to reach him (Rahul). Bahut se tubelight aise hi hotey hai (Many tubelights are like this … tubelight take time to light up)”. The obvious meaning was it takes time for the Congress leader to get things into his head.

The PM referred to Rahul’s stick remark, and said he would now do more of Surya Namaskars –a part of the Yoga exercise – to keep himself fit and face attacks.
“I heard one leader’s manifesto for the Delhi polls. He said, ‘we will beat Modi with a stick’in six months. Beating someone with a stick is a difficult job, so it will take six months (for Rahul) to prepare. But even I will do my preparations to face this. In these six months, I will do more surya namaskars so that I am in a position to face physical attacks. Knowing the kind of abuses I am being subjected to, I will make myself gaali-proof (abuse-proof) and danda-proof,” the Prime Minister said. IHN-NN

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