CORONA … Amid global scare, third case of coronavirus in India; steady rise in infections

KOCHI: In a stunning repeat in a matter of a few days, a third case of coronavirus affliction was reported from Kerala, the third being in its northern-most district of Kasaragod, bordering Karnataka. The third one was also a student who returned home on vacation from Wuhan in China. The announcement was made by health minister KK Shylaja Teacher on Monday. Curiously, no other coronavirus infliction has so far been reported from other parts of India.

Shailaja teacher told the state assembly through a special mention that all the three cases were tested positive in lab tests and confirmed by the Virology Institute in Pune. The first confirmed case was in Thrissur and the second in Alappuzha. IHN-NN

KOCHI: The second coronavirus case has been reported from India – and that too is from Kerala. The second case is in Alappuzha, and the victim has travelled from Wuhan along with the first victim who is now under treatment in Thrissur. Both are medicine students in Wuhan. Nearly 2,000 people are under observation in Kerala alone, though only two cases of affliction have been confirmed by the Pune Virology Institute.

No case has been reported from anywhere else in Kerala so far. It is also likely that the extensive measures taken by the health department in Kerala, quickly isolation likely cases and sending blood samples to Pune institute helped in the detections, while a similar urgency has not been shown on those returning to other parts of India. Kerala had recently tackled the Nippa virus spread with great success, winning laurels to the health department from international agencies.

World Health Organisation has declared a global emergency in view of the rise in coronavirus =related health cases in various parts of the world, principally in the originating point in Wuhan in China. Experts noted that coronavirus is “spreading more like influenza”, highly transmissible, than its slow-moving SARS , which had also originated in China. Business in China has largely been hit, as a result. SARS was contained in a matter of nine months, but by then some 8,000 cases had been reported.

There, already, are over 360 deaths, mostly in China, after the virus surfaced with a lethality of its own since December last. Some 17,000 cases have been reported from 23 countries, as per reports this past weekend.
Of the deaths in China, over 250 were reported from Wuhan city. As of now, some 2,000 cases are reported a day from across China, where all the provinces are already hit by the virus. Some 150 cases have been confirmed in other countries so far.

Countries  hit by coronavirus include India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the US, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Macau, Russia, France, the United States, South Korea, Germany,  Canada, Britain, Vietnam, Italy, the Philippines, Cambodia, Finland, Sweden and Spain.


India has evacuated some 600 Indians from Wuhan in China, by special plane-loads,  in the past three days. These were mostly students doing medicine courses in Wuhan. They were brought to Delhi by special flights. ==IHN-NN

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