CORONA … First case from India reported in Kerala; student hospitalised in Thrissur

Image credit…South Chna Morning Post


KOCHI: The first coronavirus affliction has been detected in India – in a girl student from Kerala who studied at Wuhan University. Wuhan is from where the virus is spreading to other parts of China and beyond. There was no need for panic and the health administration is well-prepared to deal with the situation, health officials in the state said.
Kerala Health Minister KK Shylaja Teacher

The announcement was first made by Kerala health minister KK Shylaja teacher. She said 20 samples were sent for lab test, of which one was confirmed. This, she said, was of a native from Thrissur, who came home from Wuhan recently. Some six more of the 20 cases were being analysed.He has been hospitalised and is likely to be shifted to the Thrissur Medical College Hospital in the evening. The lab test was done at the National Virology Institute in Pune.

Sizeable numbers of medical students from Kerala, as also other parts of India, are doing courses in Wuhan and other medical colleges in China. The minister said the government remains vigilant against the spread of the virus. All those who returned from China in recent weeks must not mix with the public and report themselves to the nearest government hospital. Facilities and quarantine/isolation wards are being set up in all districts, the minister said. 

“We have overcome the floods and the Nippah virus, and we shall overcome this too,” a confident minister said.

In China, the toll touched 170 on Thursday. The first detection of the virus was a month ago, in December. Across the world, confirmed cases of corona virus was in the range of 7,800, of which around 7.600 in China alone. Some 15 countries have reported presence of the virus.

The symptoms start with common cold. Cough, throat pain and respiratory problems also among the symptoms.

The virus can transmit from animal to humans, and from humans to humans as well, medical experts said. No drug or vaccine is available to treat the disease, it being a new one. Scientists are hard at work. Scientists in Australia recreated the virus this week, as a first step to evolve a vaccine or drug. IHN-NN

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